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Treatment at our clinic

1. We use only disposable sterile packaged acupuncture needles.

2. We recommend you wear non-restrictive clothing, which can allows easy access to arms, legs, back, abdomen or other areas during treatment. You may change your clothes in our facility before or after your treatment.

3. It is best not to have acupuncture on an empty stomach as this occasionally causes a drop in blood sugar. If you have not eaten, please let us know before treatment.

4. Our two-person treatment rooms are “al-fresco” which is better suited to natural energy work and Oriental medical therapies such as burning moxa (a Chinese herb sometimes held over a chakra or burned on the end of acupuncture needles). If you constantly live and work in air-conditioning (which is extremely dehydrating) or have health issues that cause you to be heat sensitive, we will be addressing this in our program. Generally, we are blessed with strong trade winds which naturally cool our facility. Fans and our tropical “Healing Garden” offer additional relief.

5. In Western society it is unusual to share a treatment room with another patient even if they are of the same gender. However, after experiencing our treatment modality, many patients report relief in finding that they are not alone in their health concerns and enjoy exchanging healing information. Talking to others with similar problems is part of the therapeutic process. If you are visiting us with a friend or family member, let us know if you would like to be treated together or separately. You will have time in your consultation to ask any questions in private. After treatment, if you have additional concerns, speak to one of our staff members. If necessary, additional time with the doctor will be provided. Although rooms are not open to the public area, privacy covers or gowns are available. If you are uncomfortable, please advice our staff and we will try to arrange a private appointment or room.

6. Some examinations and treatments, such as Colon Hydro Therapy, are scheduled as private treatments. Children under 18 years must be accompanied with a responsible adult. After the initial consultation, with adult permission, we recommend minors have an opportunity for a private counseling or consultation. Others may have a friend or family member stay with them, when requested.

7. Please advise us in advance of patients who need assistance in and out of rooms or who have difficulty sitting or waiting for treatment or consultation. It is always best to have the primary caretaker present.

8. Home, hotel or other office visits are available at an additional charge.

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