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“Prescriptions” scores – Publishers Weekly Review!!!

Publishers Weekly Review – July 9, 2012

In this compendium, clinical nutritionist Viana claims the requirements of socialized medicine and insurance companies result in mainstream physicians offering generic, ineffective care, and offers an alternate approach to healing. In an appendix to his alphabetically listed guide to treatments, health concerns, and life-threatening illness, he explains the concept of biocompatible medicine, a healing modality he developed at his medical center in Aruba to provide optimal, personalized treatments that are not recognized or not covered by insurers.

Those unfamiliar with Viana’s complex philosophy should read this section before reviewing his recommendations. Certified in traditional Chinese medicine, addictionology, and colon hydrothe33rapy, Viana draw2s on myriad holistic and traditional practices for his three-step program of detoxification, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle changes, placing emphasis on oral health, stress relief, and pH balance. His methods of reducing inflammation and acidity- which he cites as implicated in all degenerative conditions – include sophisticated testing, a blood type-based diet, acupuncture, colon cleansing, chelation therapy, and in more extreme cases, cell replacement injections. In each of the book’s sections, Viana defines his subject, places it within a biocompatible framework, and concludes with a brief list of suggestions. The volume serves best as an introduction to Viana’s work rather than a comprehensive reference. Readers interested in alternative healthcare will find Viana’s advice fascinating and his viewpoint fresh.

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