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Our Clinic is perched on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea

surrounding the arid island of Aruba, enter our “Garden of Well-being.” As you sit beneath our “Tree of Life,” draped with orchids, tropical birds sing music to sooth your soul. The healing begins with the rhythm of nature, even before your first consultation is complete.

Doc, Tanya consultation 2012Dress is casual in our grassroots clinic. Comfortable, natural fiber clothing is best. Bring all the questions you always wanted to ask, or just relax and let us do the work. Your first visit may include inspection of body language, eyes, skin, tongue, voice, pulse points on the wrist, temperature of abdomen, meridians and/or acupuncture points. You may discuss medical history, diet, and lifestyle. Chinese Medicine views the body as a whole. Mind, body and spirit are one. If one part is out of balance, all will be affected. Acupuncture may be recommended to help correct and rebalance the flow of energy within the body. We believe in Doctor as Teacher. You will be educated in how to lead a harmonious lifestyle integrating exercise, stress management, rest, relaxation and using personal nutrition for optimum health.

Our goal is to have you, as quickly as possible feeling healthy in all aspects of life. Knowledge of how to care better for yourself and loved ones is a beautiful power. Start with yourself, send it out to everyone you interact with. Heal yourself, Heal the Earth. Live in harmony with all things.

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