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The Worlds Healthiest Cookware

Comiendo bo weja y panchi nan

Algun metal ta esencial pa salud di hende manera den e caso di hero, zink, coper, manganesio, cromium, molybdenum , selenio, calcio, y sodio. Por supuesto , nos mester di nan solamente den cantdad nan hopi chjkito. E metal nan aki ta ser hanja den nan forma natural den tera na unda na ta wordu […]

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What people are saying about Dr. Viana, Aruba’s Barefoot Doctor:

“Pain being the motivator that it was, I went to “get the point.” After treatment, the barefoot doctor asked,                                                                                                 ’You believe in the magic now?’ Sure do, and will tell the world.”                                                                                            —Charles CEO, […]

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Eating Your Pots and Pans

Certain metals are essential for human health like iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, selenium, calcium and sodium. Of course, we need these only in trace, or very small amounts. These metals are found naturally in the earth where plants and animals absorb them and then pass them to us as food. Other metals known […]

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“Prescriptions” Extremely Informative Health Guide! by Dee Doanes

“I highly recommend this excellent book. From liver detoxing, relationships, childbirth, diabetes—Dr. Viana covers topics that people deal with. It’s up-to-date and well researched, a must have medical reference book”  —5 STAR REVIEW By Dee Doanes August 4, 2013 Extremely Informative Health Guide! Format: Paperback Prescriptions From Paradise is a comprehensive holistic guide for people […]

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Trust a Barefooted Doctor, Before the Ones in Wing Tips by Steve Amoia

“When a physician with as much practical Western and Oriental medicine experience as Dr. Viana takes the time to document his life’s work, we would be foolish not to take advantage.”       — Customer Review by Steve Amoia   This review is from: Prescriptions From Paradise: Introduction to Biocompatible Medicine (Paperback) “I had been […]

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