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“LIVING YOUR PARADISE” The Biocompatible Steps to Health

Dr. Viana at the NEW LIFE EXPO – New York City
June 21-23, 2013
Pennsylvanian Hotel

New Life ExptDr. Viana at the NEW LIFE EXPO, June 22nd
on the Nutrition Panel
and Viana’s presentation “Optimum Health & Longevity”

Doc does more acuJun13Through nearly 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Viana, Medical Director of Viana Healing Center in Aruba, developed Biocompatible Medicine, a holistic “3 Step” protocol to good health. Using science based analysis and clinically proven natural therapies, Biocompatible Medicine incorporates non-toxic dental procedures, because the condition of a person’s mouth and teeth has a great impact on their well-being. Join us to learn the steps to optimum health and longevity and enjoying your own healthy Paradise.

Doc at TableJun13



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