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Get it, Got it, Good!- A Patient’s Perspective by Bob (USA)

Get what, you ask? For those familiar with Dr. Carlos Viana and his weekly article, you know that the answer is: “Get The Point!”

I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Carlos since 1989. Almost immediately, he became my brother by choice. Over the years, our friendship has allowed me to witness, first-hand, many patients successfully treated by him. These include my daughter, brother, close friends and my clients that I recommended to him. Yet, despite the trustworthy, positive feedback that I got from them – confirmed by my own observations – and after reading the many books he told me “I had to read” on my vacations to Aruba, I never fully got the point. Perhaps that was because I was never a patient of Dr. Carlos. Well, all that changed during my recent Aruban vacation.

GOT IT– At age 54, I thought I was in tip-top shape and had not been treated by a physician since I was a teenager; suffering from no outward medical symptoms or complaints. I often said to myself, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I thought I got “the point” when I began to follow Dr. Carlos’s advice to eat right according to my blood type. I was wrong.
If I had paid more attention, I would have gotten his point that to be truly healthy I needed to do more than just eat the right type of food. If I had paid more attention, I would have gotten his point that having no outward visible symptoms or complaints did not necessarily mean that I was healthy; or, that Dr. Carlos does not consider the absence of sickness to mean that I am healthy; or, his point that to be healthy I also needed to be free of disease and balanced in all areas of my life.

Recently, a painful symptom caused me to finally consult with Dr. Carlos as a patient. Analyzing my blood and urine tests he concluded that I had a yeast infection. “But, Doc, how can that be? I am faithful to eating the foods that are right for my blood type. Besides, I have no symptoms and no complaints.” Doc gave me THE LOOK! I immediately interpreted it and knew that I was not getting the point or at least the whole point. His whole point is that in addition to eating the right foods, I had to eat them properly and remove the toxins that were still in my body.
With my O blood type I know that means no wheat gluten. So, thinking that I knew “the point,” for desert and some meals I ate dried fruit and nuts that I proudly made myself using only fruit and nuts that were on my food list. However, as Dr. Carlos’s wife, Phyllis, would later explain, “chicken may be on your list, but that does not mean you can eat greasy, fast-food chicken!” I started getting the point! Food, even the “right” food for my metabolic type can produce inflammation in my body.

Addressing the second source of inflammation, colon toxicity Dr. Carlos treated me with “a colonic”, short for colon hydrotherapy – a washing or cleansing of the large intestine through a gentle infusion of water in and out of my colon. Looking for the third source of inflammation, toxic metals he ordered a panoramic x-ray of my mouth.

Dr. Carlos found that eight of my teeth filled with mercury amalgams. Worse, where three wisdom teeth had been extracted when I was a teenager I had rotten, infected bone because the wisdom teeth had been improperly removed. These dead or necrotic sites are essentially holes in my jaw bone which contain anaerobic bacteria; which continuously seep toxins into my circulating blood. A skilled and knowledgeable biocompatible dentist removed my amalgams and replaced them with nontoxic material and surgically removed the three areas containing infected bone.

For my oral surgery pain, Dr. Carlos acupunctured me rather than take the prescribed pain pills. In just one 30 minute treatment, I was pain free! My jaws were, of course, swollen, but I did not get “black and blue” and I slept comfortably and soundly from the very first night. When told that I would need a few more “acu sessions” to stay pain-free, I did not hesitate. Because of the acupuncture treatments I was able to enjoy the remaining few days of my vacation.
GOOD! I finally got the point – that to be healthy requires the combination of good nutrition and toxic elimination. Finally, I would be able to tell my family, friends and clients, based upon personal experience, that Dr. Carlos’ complete package of irritation elimination, acupuncture, and clinical nutrition truly works.

The day after my amalgams removal I met a wonderful couple on the beach. She was in obvious pain and could hardly walk. She told me that all previous back treatments were unsuccessful. I told her about my experiences over the years with Dr. Carlos. “Do you think he can help me?” Without hesitating I told her, “I know he can.” The next day I drove them to the Viana Natural Healing Center where they met Dr. Carlos.
After just one treatment she felt better. Her husband and I decided not to let her off at the hotel door. Instead, we parked in the parking lot and had her walk the distance. For the first time in years, she walked alone – without the aid of her husband’s arm! Thrilled, she returned the next day for a second treatment. Afterwards, she said that she was 100% better!! She was now walking without assistance, without a limp, without pain. She hugged me tight and thanked me again and asked me how she could ever repay me. I simply told her to pass on her experience with Dr. Viana to others, the way I did. She also got the point.

by Robert Bruzzi, Esq. – This letter appeared in Aruba Today and Bon Dia Aruba


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