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Joseph Yurt for Readers Views on “Prescriptions from Paradise”

Prescription from Paradise:“If you’re serious about living a life of good health and wellness, “Prescriptions from Paradise” belongs on your short list of books on the subject.”

Readers Views (read original here) – August 2012 Reviewed by Joseph Yurt for Reader Views:

“In his latest book, “Prescriptions from Paradise,” Carlos M. Viana, OMD (oriental medical doctor), and the creator of his own biocompatible medical protocol, continues to make his case for alternative and complementary medicine. Biocompatible medicine is based on the assumption that no two individuals and their bodies are alike. Integrating traditional medicine with alternative medicine in a complementary way to address the prevention and treatment needs unique to each individual is the essence of Viana’s protocol. The book’s sub-title is “Introduction to Biocompatible Medicine, an A – Z Compendium.” More accurately, the book is an edited compilation of Viana’s most recent and relevant articles for electronic and print publications, most notably his weekly column in the Aruba Daily, an English newspaper. These articles are well written and described by the back cover jacket notes as “Simple enough for a layperson to use…and extensive enough for practitioners.” Indeed, I found the book overall to be generally easy to follow and comprehend. The components of the author’s Biocompatible Medical protocol would appear to be well thought through; by Viana’s account, they have been successfully applied to his patients, most of whom he characterizes as “willing to open their minds to alternative, complementary medicine.” The components incorporate a diverse mix of alternative medical options, mostly reflecting the Eastern medicine philosophy. On the matter of Western versus Eastern Medicine and what constitutes “alternative” or “holistic” approaches, an interesting point that runs throughout “Prescriptions from Paradise” is the notion that the patient receives the most benefit when the barriers between these often seemingly conflicting philosophies are eliminated. Viana quotes author Richard Dawkins who proclaims that “There is no alternative medicine. There is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t work.” At the Viana Healing Center, the clinic he founded fifteen years ago, Viana practices what he preaches in “Prescriptions from Paradise.” His current protocol has been developed in treating patients of all ages, and using a variety of medical methods. Each of these diverse medical philosophies is clearly discussed in the book’s “A – Z” format, beginning with Acupuncture. Many practitioners in various fields have recently taken to publishing books intended solely to “sell” their approach and services and to solidify their “expert” status – this book stands on its own. Viana writes passionately about what he and his professional collaborators and patients have learned about the methods he discusses, and the author does not include any of the “marketing baggage” often associated with such books. There is general agreement in the Western medical community that the use of alternative medicine is growing in America and other developed countries. Carlos Viana’s “Prescriptions from Paradise,” offers substantive reasons why the alternative and complimentary approaches, such as those which he has developed and included in this own biocompatible medical protocol, explains why he and other like-minded practitioners believe strongly in this philosophy. If you’re serious about living a life of good health and wellness, “Prescriptions from Paradise” belongs on your short list of books on the subject.”

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