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What people are saying about Dr. Viana, Aruba’s Barefoot Doctor:

“Pain being the motivator that it was, I went to “get the point.” After treatment, the barefoot doctor asked,                                                                                                 ’You believe in the magic now?’ Sure do, and will tell the world.”                                                                                            Charles CEO, Aruba Fast Phones


 “When I went to see Dr. Viana I could barely walk 50 feet without stopping because of pain in my legs.  Literally within days of treatment, I was able to walk, through the sand, approximately one mile without pain.  That was two years ago and I still having no leg pain when I walk.  It is like a miracle.  Thank you, Dr. Viana!”

–Fred, Age 79, USA

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“I came for pain in my knee, but my back pain, the stiffness of my body, my pain in my arms and neck are completely gone!!”  “This has become an unexpected, amazing experience; it has been the best vacation for me, a vacation to find my body, my soul and my spirit, knowing that they are one.  I feel that I can go even deeper now.  I want to thank Dr. Viana, his wife Phyllis for helping me with this.  They are great people!”

–Els Holland

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‘I personally “got the point.”  For my oral surgery pain, Dr. Carlos acupunctured me rather than have me take pain pills. In just one 30 minute treatment, I was pain free! I slept comfortably and soundly from the very first night.’

–Bob, USA

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‘I had been treated for years for a skin rash without results.  I dared not believe Dr. Viana’s protocol would work, but it did!  Now I feel more than relief, I feel liberated!’

–Jocelyn, Caribbean

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‘Before we came to you, Juan was only able to ride 5 km to 10 km slowly.  Yesterday, he had the energy to organize a 45 km bike-tour, and was able to ride it out completely with no complaints!  You surely will understand how happy we are.’

–Mrs. Hessels, Aruba

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“I have lost 36 pounds! WOOHOO! Dr. Viana, you were so right.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

–Melissa, USA

“In my life, I have been to many healers in many different parts of this world, but I have never encountered so comprehensive an approach!  He pulled together all the parts of her body that weren’t working and connected the symptoms with a cause.”

             –Judith, Canada

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“At last, (because) there was no more inflammation in her knee, she was healthy enough to do her operation to get a ‘new’ knee.  Now her knee problem is completely gone!”

— Maria (Daughter of  89 year old Female), Caribbean

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“Dear friends,  If you want to know my secret why I am always happy and healthy…it is because of this wonderful Barefoot Doctor that lives in Aruba and travels the world to help people all over with their health!  Check out his new book!”

             –Big hug, Maruta, Aruba

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