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Frequently Asked Questions

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients I the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”. – Thomas Edison

1. What is Biocompatible Medicine?

In my view, the most truly holistic approach to health is biocompatible medicine, the protocol we have developed at the Viana Natural Healing Center. Biocompatible physicians employ therapies that support and promote the body’s natural healing process, leading to the highest state of wellness. Professionally, I oppose the use of pharmaceutical drugs, artificial vitamins, food-based supplements, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustment to ameliorate symptoms, and advocate instead counteracting the foundational causes of disease. A major difference between biocompatible medicine and all other medical modalities-allopathic, natural, and complementary-is that biocompatible medicine identifies and corrects the factors negatively impacting the metabolic process of the body. In effect, biocompatible means compatible with one’s own biology rather than with some “one – size – fits – all” standardized list of foods, supplements, activities, or procedures regarded as beneficial.

Biocompatible medicine also incorporates dental procedures involving nontoxic materials to identify the source of and correct chronic inflammation in the body, since the mouth is thought to be the foundation of all degenerative medical conditions, including cancer and premature aging. Although many other medical models claim to be holistic, taking into account a person’s physical, mental, and social conditions, rather than just physical symptoms, no other approach integrates dental health. And yet, the condition of a person’s mouth and teeth has a great impact on their well-being, and a dental examination presents a rapid, noninvasive way to evaluate their overall health.

Biocompatible medicine views the foundation of all degenerative medical conditions, including cancer and premature aging, as chronic inflammation from persistent acidity. In biocompatible medicine, the boundaries between regular Western allopathic medicine and natural or complementary medicine have been eliminated to offer just good medicine.

2. What causes this acid environment of the body?

Acidity develops from one or more of the following:

• Dehydration and eating the wrong food for your metabolic type
• Infections in your body – including toxic material from the colon
• A body burden of heavy metals
• The presence of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides In you body ; more than 300,000 petroleum chemicals in the environment are detrimental to your health
• Emotional attributes of the person
• The effects of the living and working environment on the individual

In other words, your body can become persistently irritated, or inflamed, for a variety of reasons

3. What treatment modalities do you use?

We use a multi-faceted approach which may combine various therapies including:

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Techniques, specialized Addiction Treatment using acupuncture, nutrition and chiropractic techniques, Bach Flower Therapy, Biological Dentistry, Bodywork (various skin and massage therapies), Clinical Nutrition, Colon Hydro Therapy (Colonics, Colon Hydro Lavage), Counseling, Detoxification (Heavy Metal Chelation and other), Energy Medicine (Reiki, Shamanic, Chakra and other), Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydro (water) Therapies, Heat and Light Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Oxygen (Hyperbaric) Therapy, Natural Hormone replacement Therapy (Bio-identical, herbal), and Cell Rejuvenation Therapy. We work with allopathic (conventional) medical experts for diagnostic tests, life saving drugs and emergency care.

4. What types of health issues can Biocompatible Medicine help?

Most health complaints that respond to conventional treatment (and some that don’t respond well) can be helped with biocompatible medicine. The degree of improvement will vary depending on the individual complaints and commitment to the process. Patients are usually pleased and surprised at the extent of relief they derive from our holistic approach.

The following is a partial list of issues we work with regularly in our clinic:

• Addiction – alcohol, drugs (street and prescription), eating disorders, gambling, sex, other
• Allergies – hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, eczema/skin, food, chemical
• Accelerated Aging – dementia, reduced organ function, diabetes type II, muscle wasting, dry, flaky skin, reduced mental capacity
• Autoimmune disease – toxic heavy metal disturbances leading to arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia
• Biocompatible dental Support – Pre & Post surgery evaluation and pain management, detoxification
• Cancer prevention and assistance during conventional treatment
• Chronic Inflammation
• Digestive complaints – acid reflex, IBS, GERD, heartburn, chronic constipation, etc.
• acid reflex, IBS, GERD, heartburn, chronic constipation, etc. – alcohol, drugs (street and prescription), eating disorders, gambling, sex, other
• Chronic Inflammation – fertility, menstruation, menopausal, thyroid, men’s issues
• Insomnia
• Mood disorders – anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
• Pain syndromes – post-injury or surgery pain, sciatic/back/leg and or neck pain, headache, full body

5. What can I expect from an initial consultation?

Upon entering our consultation area surrounded by nature, we observe your body for physical and energetic deficiencies. During your initial consultation after filling out a short questionnaire which includes your medical history, we check your pulse and tongue using Chinese Medical Techniques. Using Iridology, we visually examine your eyes. Skin is inspected for indications of inner health status. We check your mouth for amalgam fillings, root canals, gum and other signs of infection. You may be asked a few additional questions relevant to your health. We may check blood pressure, lungs or blood sugar, using conventional methods. We will be looking for specific signs of physical, mental and spiritual blocks causing any imbalance leading to discomfort or disease.

After our initial diagnosis, you may be asked for additional medical tests, which can be done quickly in one of our state-of-the-art laboratories. ( many within 24 hours) Treatment options will be discussed and a preliminary health plan will be offered. This may be amended as information from medical tests is available to provide a full evaluation and recommendations. Treatment is offered immediately following the consultation if appropriate.

6. What type of diagnostic testing do you use?

We use many of today’s cutting-edge, scientific diagnostic tools along with the ancient time-tested principals of TCM, Iridology, and other energy techniques. These may include: Hair analysis, Blood and Urine tests, Saliva, pH (urine and/or saliva), bone density screening, Thermographic Imaging (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging), EKG, Ultrasound, Dental Panoramic X-rays and others.

7. If I need testing done for Pre-treatment evaluation, how & where do I do this?

Dr. Viana can order most standard testing to be done in one of our State-of-the-art laboratories here in Aruba, which has results available in English within 24 hours for a majority of the requests. If you do not live in Aruba and would like to have these test done at home before you arrive, Dr. Viana can send his panel request to you for your preferred home licensed physician to run. The third choice is to use: where Dr. Viana is a Physician Member and can arrange his “panel” or portion of, to be drawn by a licensed laboratory in your area.

8. What is Thermographic Imaging?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a safe, non-invasive, painless clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring many diseases and physical injuries. This 15 – 30 minute imaging (photographing with a special camera) shows physiological differences throughout the body using temperature changes of the skin. A full color report showing hot (inflammation) and cold spots is provided to the patient and doctor. It is especially helpful in early detection and monitoring of breast cancer and other disorders. We prefer to have the entire body photographed with close ups of suspicious areas, then follow-up screening as needed.

9. What causes dehydration and what are the symptoms?

Dehydration can be caused by losing too much fluid, not drinking enough water or drinking fluids that rob your body of its water reserves. Alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeine-containing beverages, and all fruit juice, except apple juice, do not count as water. To metabolize or process these drinks your body needs to use up valuable water reserves found in your joints and blood volume. People who constantly live and work in air-conditioning or dry vented heat are loosing even more of their body’s valuable water supplies than those who spend more time outdoors or in naturally ventilated buildings.

There are three stages of dehydration.

• 1. Mild – “heat stress”. – A slight rise in body temperature and a reduction in the performance, dexterity and coordination. Alertness declines and visual capabilities suffer.
• 2. Moderate -“heat exhaustion” Symptoms include: fatigue, nausea and vomiting, giddiness, cramps, rapid breathing, and fainting.
• 3. Severe – a life-threatening emergency, classified medically as “heat stroke”. Body temperature soars above 105° F (40°C). Mental confusion, disorientation, bizarre behavior, and finally, coma are the signs.

Some of the medical conditions which we see daily and which I am convinced are signs of first stage dehydration include: allergies, asthma, chronic back pain, constipation, migraines, obesity and weight control problems and peptic ulcers.

The medical problems I assign to stage two, “moderate” dehydration include: angina, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and water retention or edema. The latter condition is commonly prescribed diuretics which can make the problem worse.

Most people mistake water retention for too much water. This is not correct. If you drink 1 liter or gallon of clean water, your body will then excrete the same amount of salty, used water. Or if you do not drink clean water daily, your body will try to hold onto this used, salty water, which results in edema of dehydration, not too much water.

10. What therapies do you use to improve hydration and its symptoms?

Water is our first natural medicine. In our clinic, after determining how much your particular body needs our recommendations include supervised hydro-therapies such as: colon hydrotherapy; bathing in the ocean; and head out immersion to force the salty water from your body. (See information on Viana Natural Healing Center’s “Healing Water”) If you show signs or have a history of not drinking sufficient amounts of water, we always assess your kidney, liver, and heart functions.

11. I eat “healthy” and take vitamins, why do I need a professional nutrition plan?

Many people who feel they are “health conscious” eat lots of vegetables and whole grains or buy only “natural” or organic foods. Unfortunately, one general diet does not work for everyone, as all bodies have varying factors. Additionally, so called “natural” foods and vitamins are not always so. With new products and the advertising they come with appearing daily, it’s difficult for even the mindful person to weed through the maze and stay up to date.

Most medical schools do not teach much, if any nutrition. A Certified Clinical Nutritionist is knowledgeable regarding the latest scientific documentation about health and nutrition. We are trained in helping you rebalance your metabolism. Besides toxic metals and other poisons, nutrition is the biggest controllable factor in overall health. Nutrition is especially important in the body’s healing process. For example, you may have increased demand for protein, and vitamins like C, but need to determine which type and amount are right for you. Your program will include a complete nutritional plan, including food and supplement recommendations which encourage good health.

12. Is there a difference between a dietitian and a clinical nutritionist?

Dietitians typically work in medical or health care facilities, food services, etc. and their training is usually based on the current food groups and pyramids. Dietitians develop diet plans usually for an institution or group and are not normally trained in the use of nutritional supplementation.

As a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Viana does extensive individualized nutritional consulting. From scientific blood chemistry and other evaluations he develops a unique set of recommendations for each case. A clinical nutritionist considers multiple aspects of your life that may be contributing to your current health status as well as food and supplements.

13. What are the symptoms of Heavy Metal poisoning?

The primary symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are vague mental problems. Short-time memory deteriorates. You will find it difficult to concentrate on tasks which require attention and thinking. It is easier to execute tasks that are well known rather than to learn something new. You avoid social contacts which demand that you get out of your introverted behavior. You lose your temper easily and switch between different moods for no particular reason. Little by little, a more physical kind of exhaustion is added to the condition. More and more effort is required to initiate activities and people sometimes break things due to inability to co-ordinate your movements with your visual impressions (ataxia). Occasional headaches, minor involuntary muscle spasms or ticks within groups of muscles can also appear.

The toxic metals we see most often are:
• Mercury Symptoms are listed in our Section on Biocompatible Dentistry under: Frequently asked Questions about Biocompatible Dentistry – What are the symptoms of Mercury poisoning?
• Aluminum Implicated in pre-senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
• Arsenic Malaise, muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, dermatitis, and skin cancer.
• Cadmium Anemia, fatigue, weight loss, adult equivalent of rickets and lumbar pain.
• Lead Anemia, headaches, fatigue, weight loss, cognitive dysfunction and decreased coordination.
• Nickel Damage to the kidneys and known to cause cancer

14. How do you check for heavy metal poising?

First, during your initial consultation we look for specific signs of poisoning from heavy metals like, lead, mercury and aluminum in your body. We may also request blood, urine and hair analysis to check for and verify findings. Many of the symptoms patients complain of are reflective of exposure to heavy metals. Also see: Frequently asked Questions about Biocompatible Dentistry – What are the symptoms of Mercury poisoning?

15. What is a hair analysis and who would you request this for?

The fact that is becoming more and more evident is that we live in an ever increasingly toxic world. The list of poisons being ingested, inhaled, or put on our skin daily is extensive. Many people are being treated for symptoms of heavy metal poisoning without identifying and removing the root cause.

Dr. Viana has evaluated more than 1,500 hair element analysis reports in the last 11 years. A few ounces of head or pubic hair (non-chemically treated) are sent to a lab specializing in this type of testing. A hair test looks at the elements from a different perspective than blood. A hair analysis shows how elements are being excreted by the body and is a great reflection on the body’s toxic load. We can arrange a hair analysis kit for you.

Your pre-treatment analysis gives us a base line; repeat test may be recommended 3-12 months after treatment or if there are changes in your lifestyle and or nutrition. Together with blood analysis we can provide follow-up recommendations.

16. If I have a hair analysis, why do you still want blood or other tests?

Blood test does the talking for your body and tells Dr. Viana how it feels and what it needs to start balancing the acid/base balance in your body. Additionally, blood, urine, pH, or other testing can show how you body is handling the current challenges. Each piece of information gives more detail to the whole picture, hence the whole person’s health.

As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Viana matches your symptoms and disease with toxins, such as dental materials, nutrition (or lack of) and lifestyle. Dr. Viana is also evaluating how your organs of excretion; kidneys, liver, and colon are functioning to assess your treatment limits.

17. Can my regular Doctor interpret my blood and hair test results?

Most medical schools do not teach blood interpretation beyond diagnosis of the presence of disease. Your professional’s interpretation is based on their specific education and experience. Doctors and especially dentists do not have much training in nutrition and little to none in healthy blood chemistry parameters. Most allopathic (conventional) doctors’ nutritional information comes from media sources or drug laboratories which use very imbalanced/sick people to identify “acceptable averages” according to their business agendas.

Using a Certified Clinical Nutritionist such as Dr. Viana, who is trained in advanced blood chemistry to interpret your results, will give you a more scientific explanation of your whole body’s health. Your blood test does the talking for your body, telling Dr. Viana how you feel. Moreover, along the way Dr. Viana will repeat blood tests to monitor your recovery.

18. How do you check for damaging chemicals in the body?

Modern blood chemistry is one of the physician’s most useful scientific tools. As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Viana is constantly upgrading his use of blood, saliva and urine and other cutting edge tests available for micro-analysis of the body’s health functions. He feels it is our obligation to make every effort to obtain as complete a laboratory picture of the patients as is possible

19. Besides eliminating the source once identified, what do you use to help correct the symptoms of chemical poisons in the body?

We use a combination of therapies which may include different forms of detoxification such as colon cleansing, Chelation, Far Infrared, and orthomolecular supplementation.

20. Are there methods of detoxification I can do at home without a doctor’s supervision?

There are many non-chemical forms of detoxification that are available to everyone. These can include: Many types of massage (lymphatic, deep tissue, shiatsu, and acupressure) Saunas (far infrared preferred), steam baths, hot baths (some with added salts or aromatherapy oils), Body treatments such as salt and clay wraps or scrubs and our personal favorite, soaking in the sea. These methods use heat or movement or both.

There are many benefits to these methods, releasing toxins slowly many times through the skin oils and bypassing the kidneys or liver is less stressful to the organs. Most of these treatments are stress reducers which is an added benefit to healing. They are, however, detoxification processes, and should not be practiced more than one a day.

*** CAUTION: With All detoxification, make sure you consult with a health professional and drink sufficient water (minimum: 1/2; of your body weight in pounds in ounces or 1 liter for every 30 Kg. of body weight) throughout the entire process. Following nutritional advice and staying well hydrated is critical!

Note: All Detoxification begins by removing the toxic source. Detoxifying without getting the poison out keeps the endless supply of problems coming. You must get the poison out! Then, bring in what is needed nutritionally by the body. By adding a great attitude and a healthy lifestyle, you are on your way to a healthy life!

21. I came in for a pain in my back, (neck, stomach or other health concern). Why do you want a Panoramic X-ray and Dental Exam?

In his book, Dr. Viana states that “periodontal disease before the age of 50 is a sure sign of dying young of a degenerative disease”. The mouth is an excellent reflection on the overall health of your body. Unfortunately, gum disease has been overshadowed as a risk factor in heart disease and other health problems by more commonly acknowledged factors such as smoking, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, and obesity. But recent studies that report the link between the severity of gum disease (measured by amount of jaw bone loss) and risk of heart disease have identified gum disease as a previously-unrecognized risk factor for heart disease and hardening of the arteries.

Gum disease leading to severe periodontal (jaw) bone loss increases the risk of death from heart disease. It seems that bacteria from dental plaque (tooth debris) enter the circulation and lodge in blood vessels, where they participate in producing atherosclerotic plaque (fatty deposits). Additional studies link poor blood sugar control in diabetics, low birth weight in premature babies, and pneumonia.

Gum infections are a reflection of ongoing acid stress that leads to chronic inflammation and degenerative diseases. We always include a check-up of the mouth in our initial Biocompatible Medical evaluation. When we suspect a need to look closer, we recommend a Panoramic Dental X-ray and report of the full mouth and jaw from a Biological Dentist. For more details on our Biocompatible Dental Program, please request an information package. Or go to the Services/Biocompatible Dentistry link on our website:

22. What is Biocompatible Dentistry?

Normal dental procedures or treatments include such standards as filling decayed tooth cavities with amalgam fillings, which are 50% mercury – one of the most toxic substances know to man. Standard policies such as, “save the tooth at all costs,” are not always the healthiest procedures for the body.

Bio, means “with life” – therefore our Dental Protocol is “compatible with life.” Our protocol takes into consideration the safest (or least toxic) life compatible procedures for the entire body: pretreatment, during, and post- treatment. We provide assistance with future choices which enhance the total health of the individual.

Dr. Viana has developed a comprehensive protocol that includes treatment before any dental work begins to enhance you body’s resiliency to treatment. During your treatment and after in the recovery phase Dr. Viana has developed clinical nutrition and acupuncture procedures that facilitate treatment and speed recovery

Our Biocompatible Medical Protocol recommends that all amalgams, root canalled teeth, wisdom teeth and infections (cavitations) in the mandibles (jawbones) be removed under the established procedures established by the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( We plan and replace the necessary area with the safest known materials available which are tested on an individual basis for allergies, taking into consideration the individual’s overall health. For the safety and total health of our patients, we use a multi-disciplinary approach.

Our team of experts includes only trained Biological Dentists and Oral Surgeons, state-of- the-art medical laboratories, Qualified Bodywork specialists and Dr. Carlos Viana, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Oriental Medical Doctor (China), Colon Hydro Therapist, Addiction Specialist, Medical Anthropologist and Cell Regeneration Therapist. Emergency care and other medical experts are consulted as needed. For more details on our Biocompatible Dental Program, please request an information package. Or go to the Biocompatible Dentistry link on our website:

23. What is Traditional Chine Medicine (TCM) or Oriental Medicine?

Dr. Viana studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China, where he had the privilege of interning in Long Hua Hospital, one of the largest teaching hospitals for both TCM and conventional medicine. There, he specialized in TCM techniques of: acupuncture, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and Chinese pharmacology which are employed along with regular Western medicine.

24. What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that is effective against a wide variety of ailments. The treatment developed 4,000 years ago reflects the theory that conditions that cause disease interrupt energy flow in the body and insertion of needles used only once at specific points will reestablish healthy energy flow. With a healthy energy the body can balance and heal.

“In the past two decades, acupuncture has grown in popularity in the United States. The report from a Consensus Development Conference on Acupuncture held at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1997 stated that acupuncture is being “widely” practiced–by thousands of physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, and other practitioners–for relief or prevention of pain and for various other health conditions” ( )

Through the Viana Natural Healing Center, Dr. Viana has further developed personal acupuncture protocols for pain, stress, relief from stomach problems, allergies, post-dental surgery and more. The experience in our clinic is that patients burdened with poor health are able to find relief from many conditions with less or no drugs while following a full program to improve their overall quality of life. (Read our article: Getting the Point, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Biocompatible Medicine page)

25. What do emotions have to do with a physical problem?

The emotions that we express tell a story, not just of our thoughts, but of our body’s health position. By taking the time to listen, we may be lead to the emotions, both positive and negative, that lie at the core of our health. In TCM for example, a liver burdened with too much energy will too easily express itself in anger. However, an under active liver is incapable of allowing you to feel anger even when you are being abused. Balance within our selves, our community and in our world is the secret of health.

26. How can you address the effects of my environment?

We may discuss the effects of your home or work environment on your physical and or emotional health in relationship to your health. An unhealthy work environment, whether it is from poor air quality or worker stress, will impact on your life and health. Not every stressor can or needs to be eliminated, but what you do about the situation is the key. Lifestyle choices are often overlooked when searching for relief from poor health. A professional can give a fresh perspective and advice in managing or shifting a negative environment to a positive one.

27. Is there anything else that you believe adds to your type of medicine?

When all the other diagnostic measures have been exhausted, there may be one final aspect in helping a patient to an optimum health status. This factor is the intuitive feeling of the healer. We in no way mean to discredit any of the scientific methods of diagnosis; we make full use of them. But as more medical care is dictated by insurance and pharmaceutical companies instead of physicians, we believe this ability in all true healers is becoming a lost part of the art. Attention to this intuitive nature was perhaps the secret that made the family physician of the past the equal of, or superior to some of our modern practitioners. The more materialistically inclined physicians have recognized such signs but usually dismiss them. Those of us who are more liberal in our thoughts consider these feelings to be instinctively perceived help from the healing spirit or unknown forces that aid man in times of difficulty. We believe this ability is in all of us and is responsible for bringing the patient and the healer together even if one is unaware of it. The more in “tune” one is, the more they fully participate in their own healing.

28. How do I make an appointment to do a Biocompatible Medicine Program with the Viana Natural Healing Center?

We have a list of information needed by our office in evaluating your individual needs and requests. It is available by post, e-mail (; in addition you may want to talk to one of our staff or Dr. Viana by telephone. (Aruba: 297-585-1270) Scheduling depends on the case. Many people enjoy medical tourism, including visiting our clinic while also vacationing on our beautiful Island. If a Biocompatible Dental Plan is recommended it generally requires about a 2 week stay to minimize the stress on the body. Each person is different and some finish their restoration in less or more time. Instructions for home care and followup are discussed before leaving.

30. What will my Biocompatible Health Plan include?

Your plan may include simply a personal nutritional program, or may be much more than that, including for example, acupuncture for immediate relief of a symptom, a form of detoxification of specific irritants identified and/or a full Dental restoration. Everyone is an individual. Ideally, we will provide you with the most complete program possible. Your personal health, desires, time and budget are considered in how you choose to proceed with our recommendations.

Some patients come to us for a day to “look for answers” or for “another opinion”, go home, make changes in their lives toward regaining health. Others research the information and return at a later date to begin all or a phase of the recommended treatment. Vacationers read one of our many health articles while on Aruba and make an immediate appointment or are referred or find us on the internet, contacting us long before their visit, planning and researching every detail.

However you choose to heal, Biocompatible Medicine at the Viana Natural Healing Center endeavors to join the best of science and nature providing you with responsible information, education and health care. This offers superior benefits to the human spirit.

31. How do I get more information abut traveling to Aruba or your clinic?

We are not a travel agency but are available to assist in answering any of your questions or concerns about traveling to Aruba and consulting with our clinic.  We can recommend a charming B&B a few minutes from our clinic who’s owner/hostess can also offer ocean-view hotel stays or private rental houses  Mammaloe’s Bed & Breakfast Be sure to ask if you need special access rooms.

Many of our patients fall in love with our tropical island and choose to return for follow-up while vacationing in paradise within 6 months to a year. For a wealth of information about our island, updates on health and entry requirements or ideas for travel arrangements you can contact the Aruba Tourist Authority at: For more information about our clinic or additional services: Kibaima # 7, St. Cruz – Aruba, Dutch Caribbean, AW

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