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Clinical Nutrition

ApplesNot to be confused with a “dietitian” who typically work in medical or health care facilities, food services, etc. a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, does extensive individualized nutritional consulting from information interpreted from blood chemistry results and other reports to develop a unique set of recommendations for each person on a case to case basis. Dietitians usually study the basic food groups, food safety and the current food pyramids. They generally develop diet plans for an institute or group and are not normally trained in the use of nutritional supplementation or blood chemistry analysis.

Clinical Nutrition is a science based medical specialty. Most medical schools do not teach blood interpretation beyond diagnosis of the presence of disease. Your professional’s interpretation is based on their specific education and experience. Doctors and especially dentists do not have much training in nutrition and little to none in blood chemistry. Most of regular doctor’s nutritional information comes from media sources or drug laboratories which use very imbalanced/sick people to identify “acceptable averages” according to their business agendas.

A Certified Clinical Nutritionist such as Dr. Viana, trained in advanced blood chemistry to order and interpret your results will give you a more scientific explanation of your personal whole body health. A clinical nutritionist considers multiple aspects of your life that may be contributing to your current health status. Dr. Viana is a US Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a member of IAACN. For more information, See Article section: A Visit to the Clinical Nutritionist.

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